Issue 98
Published January 05, 2022

All the latest from BSD world.


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No security announcements.

As always, it’s worth following BSDSec. RSS feed and Twitter account available.


Electron port for FreeBSD: Electron is officially available in the FreeBSD ports tree. This repository will continue to serve as a pre-official development repository. It contains an experimental port of electron for FreeBSD.

FreeBSD Journal new issue: Check out the Nov/Dec 2021 issue of the #FreeBSD Journal. The issue features articles on Open Channel SSD, Building FreeBSD Communities and more.

Year End Interview: In this last episode of 2021, BSDNow interviews Solene from OpenBSD. She’s blogging about her experiences with OpenBSD on, the webzine she created, how she got involved and other topics.


Signal Desktop on OpenBSD via vmm(4): How to using Signal on OpenBSD via virtualisation (with Ubuntu on guest).

OpenBSD setup notes: Personal notes on installing, setting up, and using OpenBSD on two Thinkpads (an X220 and a T400). They’re applicable to OpenBSD-current as at 2020-09-05 (somewhere between OpenBSD versions 6.7 and 6.8).

OpenBSD BASED Challenge Day 2: Root BSD explains why they like cwm(1) on OpenBSD.

OpenBSD BASED Challenge Day 3: Root BSD explains things about tmux(1),xterm(1) on OpenBSD.

Bastille Template: AdGuard Home: Bastille is more than just lightweight containers for FreeBSD. The template command allows you to automatically deploy a wide range of software. This post begins a series highlighting examples of deploying popular applications using Bastille on FreeBSD. AdGuard Home is network-wide software for blocking ads & tracking.

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