Issue 193
Published July 10, 2024

NetBSD advisory about regreSSHion and more.


No releases.


NetBSD Security Advisory 2024-002: OpenSSH CVE-2024-6387 `regreSSHion’: The sshd(8) LoginGraceTime option sets the maximum time that sshd(8) will wait before a new connection attempts to authenticate, to mitigate denial of service attacks. If set to zero, there is no maximum time. The option is implemented in sshd(8) by a SIGALRM handler. The SIGALRM handler logs a message with syslog_r(3), formatted to be safe for terminals with strnvis(3). Both of these library routines may call malloc(3), which is not async-signal-safe. If the SIGALRM is delivered while another part of sshd(8) is interrupted in during a malloc(3) call (or a related function such as calloc(3) or free(3)), this can corrupt malloc’s internal data structures, which can lead to remote code execution.

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DeadBSD n4 - Project-Trident: Project-Trident had a great deal of potential, but, it didn’t know what it wanted to be, and as such it lost momentum. A shame indeed and in this video we’ll take a look back at one of the last versions released.

BSD Now 566: Open Source Excellence: A Journey Through 31 Years of Open Source Excellence, Proxmox vs FreeBSD: Which Virtualization Host Performs Better?, Upstreaming FreeBSD Code to the Linux Vector Packet Processor Project, FreeBSD Tips and Tricks: Creating Snapshots With UFS, My Concern With Rust, or a Case for the BSD’s, and more.

DeadBSD n3 - LIVEstep - 2020: Live ISO based on FreeBSD/FuryBSD with GNUstep as it’s desktop. Picture it as the precursor to helloSystem which was also created by Probono. It’s a nice OS in it’s own right, and would be great to see picked up and developed further.

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