Issue 181
Published April 17, 2024

Little issue number 181.


No releases.


No security announcements.

As always, it’s worth following BSDSec. RSS feed and Twitter account available.


BSDCan 2024 Travel Grant Application Now Open: The Travel Grant Application for BSDCan 2024 is now open. The FreeBSD Foundation can help you attend BSDCan through our travel grant program. Travel grants are available to FreeBSD developers and advocates who need assistance with travel expenses for attending conferences related to FreeBSD development.

BSD Now 554: NetBSD Double Digit: The XZ Backdoor, NetBSD 10.0, iX announces that they will put out a release of TrueNAS 13.3, State of the Terminal, LibreSSL 3.8.4 and 3.9.1 released and more.

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