Issue 94
Published November 24, 2021

Rather small issue with some tutorials from last week.


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OctoPkg: A Great GUI Package Manager In FreeBSD: If you are looking for a GUI package manager in FreeBSD, what options do you have if managing packages using a terminal is not your thing? And this question makes even more sense if you are coming from Linux as the Tux world is abundant with package managers, graphical or otherwise. Though most FreeBSD users prefer the good old terminal to manage packages in FreeBSD (you’ll probably end there sooner or later), having a graphical package manager in FreeBSD does make life easier especially for new users. In this article, we will learn how to install, configure and use the OctoPkg GUI package manager in FreeBSD as well as the complete list of package classification and shortcuts in OctoPkg.

SSH Server Security Audit&Hardening - Maximum score through Online Test (SSHAudit): In this article, Özgür Kazanççı talks about step-by-step securing&optimization (auditing and hardening) of the SSH server installed on FreeBSD, and he introduces an online SSH security testing tool called SSHAudit.

How to Access Your Modem’s Web Interface with OPNsense: Modems have a web-based interface which allows you to view information about the status of your modem including signal strength and quality as well as logs about the connectivity to your ISP. The information can be a useful diagnostic tool when troubleshooting various issues. You may also view the firmware version to see if you are using the latest version. The IP address to access the modem’s web interface is often 192.

Demystifying OpenZFS 2.0: OpenZFS 2.0 has been released for a while now and, needless to say, FreeBSD 13 was shipped with OpenZFS 2.0. However, there are still questions about how the change from feature flags happened and why version 2.0 of OpenZFS was decided. With this article, we’re hoping to clear the air around the release of OpenZFS 2.0.

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