Issue 88
Published October 13, 2021

Tiny issue with all the latest news and tutorials from BSD world.


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Benchmarking the oksh shell, or, let’s look at a lot of C compilers: Late last night, Brian Robert Callahan released version 7.0 of the oksh shell, a portable version of the public domain KornShell distributed with OpenBSD.

BSD Now 423: RACK the Stack : FreeBSD serves Netflix Video at 400Gb/s, Using the RACK TCP stack, an OpenBSD script to update packages fast, Plasma System Monitor and FreeBSD, TrueNAS vs FreeNAS (and why you should upgrade!), auto lock screen on OpenBSD using xidle and xlock, and more.


How to play audio from youtube in console at FreeBSD: There are two options: start also X11 on FreebSD and run web browser with youtube to play some music, or to download audio first using youtube-dl and then add it to cmus playlist. Article talks about the script that allows to play instantly any youtube audio without startxing X11.

Full WireGuard setup with OpenBSD: We want all our network traffic to through a WireGuard VPN tunnel automatically, both WireGuard client and server are running OpenBSD, how to do that?

FreeBSD Developer Workstation Setup: If you are eager to start FreeBSD development, but don’t know where to begin, this short guide is for you. This article will provide some pointers into how some FreeBSD committers work on the Operating System and ports collection. We will discuss the hardware configurations that are used day to day to implement, build and test the operating system.

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