Issue 84
Published September 15, 2021

GhostBSD fix-release plus all the latest news and tutorials from BSD world.


Quick fix GhostBSD 21.09.08 ISO now available: This new ISO contains a vital fix for lightdm after installation. For an unknown reason, sysrc does not work in the script. Team had to replace it with sed and they also fixed automount on the ISO boot and fixed .xinitrc group permission.


No security announcements.

As always, it’s worth following BSDSec. RSS feed and Twitter account available.


Unlocking UVM faults in OpenBSD yields significant performance boost: Unlocking UVM [virtual memory - Ed.] faults makes build time decrease a lot and improve the overall latency of mixed userland workload. In other words it gives a smoother feeling for “desktop usage”: it is now possible to do ‘make -j17’ and watch a HD video at the same time.

OpenBSD’s scp(1) now uses SFTP protocol by default: The original scp/rcp protocol remains available via the -O flag. Note that ~user/ prefixed paths in SFTP mode require a protocol extension that was first shipped in OpenSSH 8.7.

BSD Now 419: Reviewing a first OpenBSD port, NetBSD 9.2 on a DEC Alpha CPU in QEMU with X11, FreeBSD Experiment Rethinks the OS Install, GhostBSD switching to FreeBSD rc.d, Irix gets LLVM, and more.


I got the J language working on OpenBSD: post author got the J language system running on OpenBSD. They find it important to write these up, because it helps them preserve their own knowledge of what they did and hopefully it will help others porting languages to their favorite *BSD.

How to Create a VLAN Only Interface in OPNsense: Author was recently assigned a laptop to use for work so they wanted to create a new VLAN only for their work laptop to keep it segregated from their own network. On their OPNsense box, they have extra unused interfaces. They decided to take the opportunity to utilize one of those extra interfaces instead of adding yet another VLAN to their main LAN interface. There are two ways they could utilize the unused interface: use the physical interface with no VLAN tagging or assign a VLAN to the physical interface.

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