Issue 80
Published August 04, 2021

OPNsense release plus all the latest news and tutorials from BSD world.


OPNsense 21.1.8 released: The code moves to PHP 7.4. Shipped alongside are a few updates and fixes that still make sense for the 21.1 series. Also community contributions regarding the Norwegian translation and Fetchmail plugin.


No security announcements.

As always, it’s worth following BSDSec. RSS feed and Twitter account available.


passwdqc added to DragonFly: libpasswdqc(8) does quality checks on passwords via PAM, and now it’s in DragonFly.

Open Source Voices: Episode 17: Tom Jones - FreeBSD Developer : Tom Jones is an Internet Researcher and FreeBSD developer that works on improving the core protocols that drive the Internet. He is a contributor to open standards in the IETF and is enthusiastic about using FreeBSD as a platform to experiment with new networking ideas as they progress towards standardization.


OpenZFS Snapshots: Understanding which data benefits from being in a snapshot and how long it makes sense to keep snapshots will help you get the most out of OpenZFS snapshots. Pruning snapshots to just the ones you need will make it easier to find the data you want to restore, save disk capacity, and prevent performance bottlenecks on your OpenZFS system.

Brian Robert Callahan: Reviewing my first OpenBSD port, and what I’d do differently 10 years later: This article will review and discuss what the author would do differently after ten years of working on ports.

Automatically lock screen on OpenBSD using xidle and xlock: If you use native window manager, how to use xidle and xlock to simulate lock account or screen during inactive session.

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