Issue 76
Published July 07, 2021

FreeBSD Errata Notices plus all the latest from BSD-world.


No releases.


FreeBSD Errata Notices:

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Porting OpenBSD security features to Linux: Are there any efforts to bring OpenBSD security features like pledge and unveil over from OpenBSD to Linux?

Chimera Linux - A Linux distribution based on FreeBSD userland and LLVM: The project is currently heavily WIP. It does not yet include a kernel or an init system, and the packaging is rough (both the build system and the templates themselves are in the state of flux). Chimera uses LLVM and Clang as its system toolchain. This is used to build all core components of the system.

OpenZFS 2.1 Released With dRAID, Compatibility Property, Better Performance: OpenZFS 2.1 introduces Distributed Spare RAID (dRAID) to allow creating pools using a distributed variant of RAIDZ for faster resilver times using integrated hot spares. The dRAID implementation allows for full redundancy to be restored in a “fraction of the time” normally required when carrying out a full disk replacement.

pkgsrc-2021Q2 branch announcement: The pkgsrc developers are proud to announce the 71st quarterly release of pkgsrc, the cross-platform packaging system. pkgsrc is available with more than 26,000 packages, running on 23 separate platforms; more information on pkgsrc itself is available at In total, 210 packages were added, 103 packages were removed, and 2458 package updates (to 1900 unique packages) were processed since the pkgsrc-2021Q1 release.


History of FreeBSD – Net/1 and Net/2 – A Path to Freedom: Let’s talk some more FreeBSD history. From the release of 4.3BSD to how networking for all became available and Net/1 and Net/2 came to be. This article is going to cover the time period from the release of 4.3BSD with TCP/IP to the BSD lawsuits. This period set the stage for BSD as we know it today.

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