Issue 71
Published June 02, 2021

New OPNsense release, FreeBSD Errata and Notices plus all the news and tutorials from the BSD world.


OPNsense 21.1.6 released: With a bit of delay it bring to you the usual mix of security and reliablilty updates. It is of note that the OpenVPN advisory tracked as CVE-2020-15078 does not affect the provided version 2.4.11, but the security audit will falsely flag it as vulnerable because the source of the audit is FreeBSD where OpenVPN was migrated to 2.5 series already.


FreeBSD Security Errata and Announcements:

As always, it’s worth following BSDSec. RSS feed and Twitter account available.


Public NetBSD IRC chat channels moved to Libera: Due to the unfortunate situation regarding changes in administration on, and the resulting chaos, NetBSD team has decided to move the public NetBSD IRC chat channels from freenode to

Write Better Firewall Rules in OPNsense using Aliases: When you first learned to write firewall rules in OPNsense, you may have simply used the pre-defined aliases for the network interfaces/ports and IP addresses such as “LAN net”, “LAN interface”, “HTTP”, “HTTPS”, etc. You may not have even realized you were using aliases since they do not appear in the list on the “Aliases” page. Using the predefined aliases is not only convenient but helps make your rules easier to understand (imagine having a large number of rules and seeing only IP/network addresses).

Updating GCC GNAT (Ada) in pkgsrc/NetBSD: This page is meant to document the findings about getting a modern version of GCC, in this case GCC 10, running on NetBSD with Ada support. It contains Current state of the art, Getting it to compile, Findings and Further work, aka, TODO.

FreeBSD IRC Channels on Libera Chat: Libera Chat is now FreeBSD’s primary and official IRC network and presence. You can find the official home at freebsd IRC channel. If you need help or support, please reach out on freebsd-irc or .

DragonFlyBSD 6.0 Is Performing Very Well Against Ubuntu Linux, FreeBSD 13.0: Earlier this month in our initial benchmarking of DragonFlyBSD 6.0 we found DragonFlyBSD 6.0 performing much better than DragonFlyBSD 5.8, but how does that put its performance up against FreeBSD 13.0 and Ubuntu Linux for reference? Here are such benchmarks in our latest benchmarking of DragonFlyBSD 6.0, FreeBSD 13.0 (with both GCC and Clang), and Ubuntu Linux.


History of ZFS – Part 2: Exploding in Popularity: From its birth at Sun, ZFS grew exponentially in popularity. Many were impressed by its revolutionary features, and ported it to run on their systems. Find out how more about its journey and the rise of OpenZFS in the second part of our series.

Using dpb on OpenBSD for package compilation cluster: This article will explain how to easily setup your own OpenBSD dpb infra. dpb is a tool to manage port building and can use chroot to use a sane environment for building packages. This is particularly useful when you want to test packages or build your own, it can parallelize package compilation in two way: multiples packages at once and multiples processes for one package.

How to Configure WAN and NAT Port Forward Rules in OPNsense: Understanding how to forward ports and create firewall rules for the WAN interface of your router is important if you wish to access services hosted on your router or a server in your internal network. Knowing when to use a WAN rule versus a NAT Port Forward rule may be confusing to new users. WAN vs. NAT Port Forward Rule: Which one to use? Generally speaking, WAN rules should be used for any service running directly on your router and NAT port forward rules for any service host on a server in your internal network (either virtualized or physical).

Opening a Garage Door Using OpenBSD on a Raspberry Pi: Sven G is back with another tale of using a Raspberry Pi in his garage.

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