Issue 7
Published February 12, 2020

Videos from FOSDEM are now available and there’s a bit for everyone. We also cover all the rest of BSD world with the latest news and tutorials.


FOSDEM has come and gone for 2020, so it’s time to look back. FOSDEM is a free event for software developers to meet, share ideas and collaborate. Every year, thousands of developers of free and open source software from all over the world gather at the event in Brussels.

FOSDEM had a BSD Devroom as well, and all 11 videos of talks are now available (search for BSD Devroom) or look at the schedule for links to talks.

There’s a huge range of kernel related stuff to KDE or Wayland, so there’s a bit for everyone.


There were none SAs last week, but it’s always worth following BSDSec.


LLDB now works on i386. The original NetBSD port of LLDB was focused on amd64 only. Now, it supports both 32-bit builds of LLDB (running natively on i386 kernel or via compat32) and debugging 32-bit programs from 64-bit LLDB. Upstream describes LLDB as a next generation, high-performance debugger. It is built on top of LLVM/Clang toolchain, and features great integration with it. At the moment, it primarily supports debugging C, C++ and ObjC code, and there is interest in extending it to more languages.

Random number generation on DragonFly now runs per–CPU, and a bit faster. No real user effect, but randomness is one of those endlessly complex topics that are fun to read about.

BastilleBSD 0.6.20200202 has been released. This is Bastille’s biggest release yet, adding five new sub-commands. These additions include support for importing and exporting container archives on UFS or ZFS, converting container types (thin to thick), container resource limits via rctl, dynamic port redirection and more.

Travel Grant Application for BSDCan is now open. The Foundation can help you attend BSDCan through our travel grant program. Travel grants are available to FreeBSD developers and advocates who need assistance with travel expenses for attending conferences related to FreeBSD development.

KDE user on FreeBSD? Read some bits and bobs from the KDE FreeBSD team in february 2020. They met at the FreeBSD devsummit before FOSDEM, along with other FreeBSD people. Plans were made, schemes were forged, and Groff the Goat was introduced to some new people.

NetBSD sponsored work work on ptrace(2) is approaching the end. This is one of the last reports on enhancements on ptrace(2) and the surrounding code.


How to Install Sylius eCommerce Platform on FreeBSD 12: Sylius is a modern e-commerce platform for PHP, based on the Symfony Framework. Sylius source code is hosted on GitHub. This guide will walk you through the Sylius installation process on a fresh FreeBSD 12 Vultr instance using PHP, MariaDB as a database, and Nginx as a web server.

Netdata Cloud on FreeBSD: First Impressions. Netdata is an all-in-one monitoring solution, expertly crafted with a blazing-fast C core, flanked by hundreds of collectors. Featuring a comprehensive dashboard with thousands of metrics, extreme performance and configurability, it is the ultimate single-node monitoring tool.

Setting up a Samba server on NetBSD. There’s already a HOWTO article on the NetBSD wiki but it’s super old and the instructions don’t apply anymore. Here’s a more up-to-date tutorial to get going with Samba. I just confirmed these instructions work on NetBSD/amd64 9.0 RC 2, which is pretty recent.

How to setup Bluetooth audio on devices without Bluetooth but with mini jack out and AUX ports (on ThinkPad x240 laptop, which is running FreeBSD).

One of the best aspects of ZFS is its reliability. This can be accomplished using a few features like copy-on-write approach and checksumming. In this article we will look at how ZFS does checksumming and why it does it the proper way.

Watch this video to learn how to setup a port forward in pfsense.


As always, there are more sources of BSD goodness. Latest BSD Now talks about Linux couldn’t duplicate OpenBSD, FreeBSD Q4 status report, OPNsense 19.7.9 released, archives retain and pass on knowledge, HardenedBSD Tor Onion Service v3 Nodes, and more.

The Valuable News weekly series is dedicated to providing summary about news, articles and other interesting stuff mostly but not always related to the UNIX or BSD systems. The latest is from 2020-02-10.

In Other BSDs for 2020/02/08 is out, too.

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