Issue 56
Published February 17, 2021

After a pause last week we are back with top BSD articles of 2020. We also take a look at the latest news and tutorials from BSD world.

2020 Top DiscoverBSD and BSDSec articles




TrueNAS 12.0-U2 resolves many bug fixes and introduces some new minor features. It is an easy web update for CORE users while Enterprise users can automatically update via the web UI on February 23rd. There will soon be a migration path from TrueNAS CORE to TrueNAS SCALE.


None last week.

As always, it’s worth following BSDSec. RSS feed and Twitter account available.


FreeBSD Jails – The Beginning of FreeBSD Containers: In recent years, containers and virtualization have become a buzzword in the Linux community, especially with the rise of Docker and Kubernetes. What many people probably don’t realize is that these ideas have been around for a very long time. Today, we will be looking at Jails and how they became part of FreeBSD.

GhostBSD 2020 financial report: In 2020 the project’s goal was 10,000 CAD. The goal was met and they accumulated 11,276.2 CAD from sponsors, patrons and donors. The list of donors is at, the list of sponsors is at, and the list of Patrons is at

helloSystem Wants To Be The “macOS of BSDs” With A Polished Desktop Experience: While it was a sad blow when PC-BSD/TrueOS stopped pursuing its desktop ambitions as what was arguably the leading BSD desktop operating system out there with a nice end-user experience, since then we have seen efforts like MidnightBSD, GhostBSD, and others fill the avoid with continuing to enhance the out-of-the-box BSD desktop system. A new entrant that is quite interesting is helloSystem that aims to be a “macOS of BSDs” for a polished desktop experience.

FreeBSD 13 BETA Benchmarks - Performance Is Much Better: The official release of FreeBSD 13.0 is coming up in March, while already from our preliminary tests of the newly minted FreeBSD 13.0 BETA1, the benchmark results are extremely tantalizing compared to FreeBSD 12.2… Ultimately the performance should be much more competitive now compared to Linux (at least on Intel x86_64) and other operating systems with the big FreeBSD 13 release.

LibreSSL 3.2.4 Released It includes the following bug and interoperability fixes:

  • Switch back to certificate verification code from LibreSSL 3.1.x. The new verifier is not bug compatible with the old verifier causing issues with applications expecting behavior of the old verifier.
  • Unbreak DTLS retransmissions for flights that include a CCS
  • Only check BIOshouldread() on read and BIOshouldwrite() on write
  • Implement autochain for the TLSv1.3 server
  • Use the legacy verifier for autochain
  • Implement exporter for TLSv1.3
  • Free alertdata and phhdata in tls13recordlayer_free()
  • Plug leak in x509verifychain_dup()
  • Free the policy tree in x509vfycheck_policy()

KDE on FreeBSD 2021O1: Here’s the first six weeks of KDE-on-FreeBSD-in-2021 in a daemon-approved nutshell.

OpenBSD Catchup 2021-02-13: Recent noteworthy things commited to -current and not previously reported.

OccamBSD: is a script that builds a minimum FreeBSD u serland and kernel using build options, for use with bhyve(8) and jail(8). The result takes minutes t o build and seconds to boot, but achieving this simple objective required fifteen+ years of experimen tation, error reporting, and gentle persuasion.

This issue of BSD Weekly was brought to you by MidnightBSD.


Filtering TCP connections by operating system on OpenBSD: In this text you’ll learn how to filter TCP connections by operating system using OpenBSD Packet filter.

Bandwidth limiting on OpenBSD 6.8: This is a February 2021 update of a text originally published in April 2017 and it explains how to limit bandwidth on OpenBSD using its firewall PF (Packet Filter) queuing capability.


As always, there are more sources of BSD goodness. Latest BSD Now talks about A week with Plan 9, Exploring Swap on FreeBSD, how to create a FreeBSD pkg mirror using bastille and poudriere, How to set up FreeBSD 12 VNET jail with ZFS, Creating Comfy FreeBSD Jails Using Standard Tools, and more.

The Valuable News weekly series is dedicated to providing summary about news, articles and other interesting stuff mostly but not always related to the UNIX or BSD systems. The latest is from 2021/02/08.

In Other BSDs for 2021/02/13 is out, too.

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