Issue 45
Published November 18, 2020

This weeks issue is short and sweet. We see some new BSDs being introduced plus latest news, tutorials, releases and a blog spotlight.


Lucas Holt has announced the release of MidnightBSD 2.0, a major new version of the project’s FreeBSD-derived operating system developed with desktop users in mind. Besides providing package upgrades, security updates and bug fixes, this release also imports features from FreeBSD 11.

OS108-9.1 XFCE amd64 released: OS108 is a fast, open and Secure Desktop Operating System built on top of NetBSD.


None last week.

As always, it’s worth following BSDSec. RSS feed and Twitter account available.


rpki-client 6.8p1 released: This is the second release based on OpenBSD 6.8. It includes the following changes to the previous release:

  • incorporate OpenBSD 6.8 errata 006 of November 10, 2020: rpki-client incorrectly checks the manifest validity interval. In the portable version,
  • Add compat code for the LibreSSL ASN1timeparse() and ASN1timetm_cmp() functions. Those are needed to properly check the validity of MFT files.
  • Add openssl/asn1.h to the noinst_HEADERS else make distcheck fails

hello: Let’s make a FreeBSD for “mere mortals”: Can we make an open source system that is welcoming to swtichers from the Mac? Something that “just works” as intended, without the need to fiddle around much to get to a working desktop that does its job and otherwise gets out of your way? Say hello to hello, a desktop system for creators with focus on simplicity, elegance, and usability.

There’s one more OS based on FreeBSD we found this week: Arisblu BSD. It attempts to build a powerful and user friendly live-CD with the best tools possible.

This issue of BSD Weekly was brought to you by man(1).


Hosting multiple web servers behind a single IP address: Virtual hosts for a website are a thing. One webserver can host multiple websites. They can all be on the same IP address, different IP addresses, different ports, etc. This post is about using a proxy service. In this post, author explains their setup with FreeBSD 12.1, Nginx 1.18.0, Bind 9.16.6 and optional split dns.

Blog spotlight - A little Daemon on my Desktop

This week we let tigersharke introduce their blog:

A journey with FreeBSD as my desktop OS. Insights, tips, and the occasional rant, all relating to the ‘Beastie’ or activities while using it. Here I am writing about FreeBSD, my experiences and troubles, solutions and tips, and the occasional rant. If I have discovered something cool, or new, even if it is not directly related to FreeBSD but is usable from it, I’ll post about it here. This is going to be technical at times but I hope to offer as clear and precise directions as I can when appropriate. My intent had been to publish blog posts only when finalized but in some instances I may make works in progress available. Frequency of updates, revisions, or writing schedule are likely to remain sporadic but I hope you all enjoy.


As always, there are more sources of BSD goodness. Latest BSD Now talks about FreeBSD 12.2 is available, ZFS Webinar, Enhancing Syzkaller support for NetBSD, how the OpenBSD -stable packages are built, OPNsense 20.7.4 released, and more.

The Valuable News weekly series is dedicated to providing summary about news, articles and other interesting stuff mostly but not always related to the UNIX or BSD systems. The latest is from 2020-11-16.

In Other BSDs for 2020/11/14 is out, too.

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