Issue 33
Published August 19, 2020

This week we learn how to check hardware support for BSDs. Then we take a look at the rest of BSD world with latest SAs, releases, news and tutorials.

How it fits BSD?

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Last week talked about how BSD hardware support does not seems that bad.

Need to check desired computer model for BSD compatibility? Try the new approach described in this article.


OPNsense 20.7.1 released: This small update brings security advisories, multicast fixes and logging reliability patches among others.


OpenBSD Errata: August 18th, 2020 (libssl): Errata patches for LibreSSL have been released for OpenBSD 6.7. The previous errata patch 019 broke bidirectional SSL_shutdown. Binary updates for the amd64, i386, and arm64 platforms are available via the syspatch utility.

As always, it’s worth following BSDSec. RSS feed and Twitter account available.


LibreSSL 3.1.4 Released: It includes the following interoperability and bug fixes for the TLSv1.3 client:

  • Improve client certificate selection to allow EC certificates instead of only RSA certificates.
  • Do not error out if a TLSv1.3 server requests an OCSP response as part of a certificate request.
  • Fix SSL_shutdown behavior to match the legacy stack. The previous behaviour could cause a hang.
  • Fix a memory leak and add a missing error check in the handling of the key update message.
  • Fix a memory leak in tls13recordlayersettraffic_key.
  • Avoid calling freezero with a negative size if a server sends a malformed plaintext of all zeroes.
  • Ensure that only PSS may be used with RSA in TLSv1.3 in order to avoid using PKCS1-based signatures.
  • Add the P-521 curve to the list of curves supported by default in the client.

The BSDCan 2020 videos now available. Well, that’s really it.

GSoC Reports: Benchmarking NetBSD, second evaluation report: This report was written by Apurva Nandan as part of Google Summer of Code 2020.

DragonFly’s direct rendering has been updated to match Linux 4.12.15, which means improved support for a number of Intel processors.

HardenedBSD has released new Status Report (August 2020) which also includes Call for Donations.


Videoconferencing on FreeBSD: This page describes different approaches for videoconferencing on FreeBSD, what I’ve found along the way and what’s worked for me. tl;dr: Virtualization and the Linux compatibility layer may work for you, but web clients are currently the easiest way to do a video call on FreeBSD.

Changing from one dataset to another within a FreeBSD [iocage] jail: The purpose of this post is to document the existing configuration of the production FreshPorts webserver and outline the plan on how to modify it for more zfs-snapshot-based cache clearing.

A 35-year-old bug in patch found in edforts to restore 29 year old system: Larry Wall posted patch 1.3 to mod.sources on May 8, 1985. A number of versions followed over the years. It’s quite interesting to use 27 year old patches to find this bug while restoring a 29 year old OS.


As always, there are more sources of BSD goodness. Latest BSD Now talks about FreeBSD Q2 Quarterly Status report of 2020, Traditional Unix Toolchains, BastilleBSD 0.7 released, Finding meltdown on DragonflyBSD, and more.

The Valuable News weekly series is dedicated to providing summary about news, articles and other interesting stuff mostly but not always related to the UNIX or BSD systems. The latest is from 2020-08-17.

In Other BSDs for 2020/08/15 is out, too.

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