Issue 192
Published July 03, 2024

Many videos from 2024 FreeBSD Developer Summit and more.


No releases.


FreeBSD Security Advisory FreeBSD-SA-24:04.openssh: As a result of calling functions that are not async-signal-safe in the privileged sshd(8) context, a race condition exists that a determined attacker may be able to exploit to allow an unauthenticated remote code execution as root.

OpenBSD Errata: June 26, 2024 (bgpd): Errata patches for bgpd have been released for OpenBSD 7.5 and 7.4. Binary updates for the amd64, arm64 and i386 platform are available via the syspatch utility.

As always, it’s worth following BSDSec. RSS feed available.


DeadBSD #2 - CultBSD - 2020-2021: In this 2nd DeadBSD video, we will be looking at CultBSD, a KDE Plasma desktop FreeBSD 13 experimental OS. It was short lived, but it had some good ideas and it’s a shame it was stopped being developed. although the developer has hinted it may be resurrected.

Valuable News – 2024/07/01: The Valuable News weekly series is dedicated to provide summary about news, articles and other interesting stuff mostly but not always related to the UNIX/BSD/Linux systems.

RIP dhclient(8): Friends, dhclient(8) in OpenBSD is no more, at least for those of us running -current.

DeadBSD 1- FuryBSD 2019-2020: There have been a few FreeBSD derived OS’s over the years, some stay, many others fade away. In this series, DeadBSD’s, we will be revisiting those long gone BSD’s and see what we missed out on. First up, FuryBSD from 2019-2020.

Highlights from the FreeBSD Developer Summit 2024: Innovations and Future Directions: The May 2024 FreeBSD Developer Summit in Ottawa, Canada, was a rewarding community gathering that brought together developers, users, and enthusiasts for insightful discussions on innovations, strategic planning, and community collaboration. Here is a summary of the summit’s key insights, recent developments, and central themes.

2024 FreeBSD Developer Summit: Antithesis deterministic hypervisor: Alex Pshenichkin’s presentation focused on the Antithesis Deterministic Hypervisor, a technology designed to enhance the reliability and efficiency of debugging processes by ensuring deterministic behavior during execution. A deterministic hypervisor guarantees that given the same initial conditions, the hypervisor will produce the same output every time, which is crucial for consistent testing and debugging.

2024 FreeBSD Developer Summit: Continuous integration, “bricoler” and debugging tools: Mark Johnston presented a session on bricoler, an in-depth look into a new tool designed to simplify and streamline testing and debugging processes for FreeBSD systems. He began by highlighting the challenges that FreeBSD developers often face, particularly new contributors who struggle with ensuring their patches do not break existing functionality.

2024 FreeBSD Developer Summit: Integration with Rust: The session on integrating Rust into FreeBSD was a robust discussion highlighting the potential benefits and the challenges of adopting the memory-safe programming language within the FreeBSD ecosystem. Contributors focused on Rust’s ability to modernize FreeBSD and enhance its security, particularly due to its memory safety features. However, the frequent updates to Rust pose significant challenges for maintaining a stable base system.

2024 FreeBSD Developer Summit: OCI containers on FreeBSD: Doug Rabson led the session on OCI containers, which delved into integrating Open Container Initiative (OCI) standards into FreeBSD. This topic is critical as containers are essential in modern application deployment and management.

2024 FreeBSD Developer Summit: FreeBSD 15 release planning: The planning session for FreeBSD 15.0, led by John Baldwin and Ed Maste, was a comprehensive and strategic discussion to identify and prioritize key projects and goals for the next major release. The session was meticulously structured to categorize projects into “Need” and “Wishlist” categories, facilitating efficient resource allocation and strategic planning.

2024 FreeBSD Developer Summit: Release Engineering updates: The release engineering session, led by Colin Percival and Gordon Tetlow, focused on revising past practices and implementing more frequent minor releases. The session demonstrated the importance of establishing a consistent and efficient release cycle to minimize the accumulation of changes and potential issues.

2024 FreeBSD Developer Summit: FreeBSD Foundation updates: The FreeBSD Foundation update, presented by Deb Goodkin, Ed Maste, and Joseph Mingrone, provided a comprehensive overview of the Foundation’s ongoing efforts and strategic goals. Goodkin began by highlighting the Foundation’s commitment to increasing the adoption of FreeBSD, enhancing its visibility, and supporting its users.

2024 FreeBSD Developer Summit: Core Team updates: The FreeBSD Developer Summit 2024 began with an opening keynote by John Baldwin, which set the tone for transparency and assurance within the FreeBSD community. Baldwin emphasized the importance of well-defined oversight roles, particularly for cluster administrators, to ensure the community’s trust and reliability. Much of his talk focused on the Core Team’s strategic initiatives.

BSD Now 565: Secure by default: NetBSD 10 on a Pinebook Pro, OpenBSD extreme privacy setup, Version 256 of systemd boasts ‘42% less Unix philosophy’, Posix.1 2024 is out, Blocking Access From or to Specific Countries Using FreeBSD and Pf, and more.

FreeBSD Software Pick June 2024: This video takes a look at 5 pieces of software from the FreeBSD repositories.

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