Issue 159
Published August 14, 2023

This one’s short. Well.


No releases.


No security announcements.

As always, it’s worth following BSDSec. RSS feed available.


FreeBSD for Research: CHERI/Morello: University of Cambridge Computing Security Case Study for the FreeBSD foundation.

BSD Now 519: Telegram from BSDNow: 3 Advantages to Running FreeBSD as Your Server OS, FreeBSD 14 Release Schedule, Stream your OpenBSD desktop audio, DOD KSOS Secure UNIX Operating System Manual, How to limit bandwidth usage with SCP transfers, and more.


Self-hosting Pixelfed on OpenBSD: In case you don’t already know, Pixelfed is a media sharing oriented solution that federates with Fediverse using the ActivityPub . And I like it also because it is based on PHP. This makes it quite simple to be hosted on OpenBSD. And here’s how to do this.

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