Issue 149
Published May 10, 2023

As it’s time of conferences again, let’s read some reports and more news from BSD.


No releases.


No security announcements.

As always, it’s worth following BSDSec. RSS feed and Twitter account available.


Valuable News – 2023/05/09: The Valuable News weekly series is dedicated to provide summary about news, articles and other interesting stuff mostly but not always related to the UNIX or BSD systems.

cron(8) now supports random ranges with steps in OpenBSD: Thanks to the commit by Todd Miller (millert@), cron(8) now supports random values in a range with a step value (i.e. ”~/” in crontab(5) entries).

NetBSD AGM2023: Annual General Meeting, May 13, 21:00 UTC: In 2023, The NetBSD Foundation will hold its Annual General Meeting in public, on Saturday, May 13th, at 21:00 UTC, in the netbsd-agm channel on - You can use your favorite Internet Relay Chat program or: There will be various presentations about NetBSD, and a moderated Q&A session.

AsiaBSDCon 2023 Trip Report: Report about recent attendance at the DevSummit and AsiaBSDCon 2023.

BSD Now 505: BSD Desktop Setup: OpenBSD 7.3 released, Accelerating Datacenter Energy Efficiency by Leveraging FreeBSD as Your Server OS, install Cinnamon as a Desktop environment, xmonad FreeBSD set up from scratch, Burgr books in your terminal, and more.

FreeBSD Foundation Welcomes New Team Members: The Foundation is pleased to welcome two new members to the FreeBSD Foundation team: Greg Wallace joins the Foundation as the new Director of Partnerships and Research and Pierre Pronchery joins the FreeBSD Foundation as a Userland Software Developer.

Spring 2023 Foundation Software Development Projects Update: In this post, Foundation gives an update on the work that has gone on over the past few months towards meeting the objectives set out in the FreeBSD Foundation Technology Roadmap.


Self-Hosted Bookmarks using DAV and httpd on OpenBSD: How to Install the PHP environment, Setup the DAV web-space, Ofuscated URLs and users, Authenticated access, Users data separation, How to Keep the code simple and add more DAV spaces.

OpenZFS – What Makes OpenZFS the Ideal Storage Solution for University Environments: OpenZFS is a cost-effective open source storage solution for Educational institutions. Learn how universities & system administrators can maximize its benefits.

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