Issue 147
Published April 26, 2023

New FreeBSD report status is here plus more from BSD world.


No releases.


No security announcements.

As always, it’s worth following BSDSec. RSS feed and Twitter account available.


viogpu(4), a VirtIO GPU driver, added to -current : Joshua Stein has committed viogpu(4), which provides support for the virtio(4) GPU interface (provided by QEMU and other virtual machines) to create a wscons(4) console.

BSD Now 503: Fast Unix Commands: ZFS Optimization Success Stories, Linux Namespaces Are a Poor Man’s Plan 9 Namespaces, better support for SSH host certificates, Fast Unix Commands, Fascination with AWK, and more.

malloc leak detection available in OpenBSD -current: OpenBSD -current just grew a new tool for developers working on OpenBSD to detect unsafe behaviors in their code. OpenBSD lets you more easily track memory allocations and whether allocations are properly freed after use.

FreeBSD Status Report - First Quarter 2023 : Here is the first status report of 2023, including 25 reports: we have usual team reports, some news about cloud projects, progress in the src, ports and doc trees and more.

Trying to create OpenBSD images using Linux supporting arm and riscv: This is a work in progress, where author is trying to create OpenBSD images from Linux, specially using arm64 and riscv64 for AWS since OpenBSD has no vmm support for arm64 nor riscv64 yet.


OpenBSD: Managing an inverter/converter with NUT: In this article, Stéphane HUC explains how to install, configure and use one inverter with the NUT project on OpenBSD

Celebrating Earth Day: Tips for Running a Greener FreeBSD: Every year since 1970, Earth Day has focused the world’s attention on the need to act to protect our home. It’s a vital call to action for every person and organization. The FreeBSD Foundation is committed to making FreeBSD the OS of choice for users seeking to reduce the environmental impact of computing. Read to learn more.

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