Issue 145
Published April 12, 2023

It’s been a week of releases: get ready for new FreeBSD, OpenBSD and minor release for MidnightBSD.


FreeBSD 13.2-RELEASE Now Available: This is the third release of the stable/13 branch. Some of the highlights: - OpenSSH has been updated to version 9.2p1. - OpenSSL has been updated to version 1.1.1t. - The bhyve hypervisor now supports more than 16 vCPUs in a guest. - Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR) is now enabled for 64-bit executables by default. - ZFS has been upgraded to OpenZFS release 2.1.9. - It is now possible to take snapshots on UFS filesystems when running with journaled soft updates. - The kernel wg(4) WireGuard driver is now available. - The kernel netlink(4) network configuration protocol is now available. - And much more…​

OpenBSD 7.3: This release contains a number of improvements over earlier versions, including but not limited to Improved hardware support, including new arm64 variants and numerous network and graphics driver updates Improved general and network performance due to steadily improving multi-core support More flexible network configuration, now supporting lladdr-based config retguard for amd64 system calls Enhanced memory and process security Relinking of network exposed daemons at boot time execute-only (xonly) pinsyscall(2) Improved versions of OpenSSH (9.3), LibreSSL (3.7.2), OpenBGPD (7.9) … Support for disk encryption in the installer X11 Mesa shader cache enabled. More aggressive randomisation of the stack location for all 64-bit architectures except alpha

MidnightBSD 2.2.8 Release: This includes an updated mport with bug fixes for a segmentation fault in mport search, a CVE fix for APR used by svnlite, and some tweaks to the perl config. At this point, it’s recommend to use 3.0.1 for new users.


LibreSSL 3.7.2 Released: This is the first stable release for the 3.7.x branch, also available with OpenBSD 7.3.

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