Issue 135
Published January 04, 2023

Happy New Year! BSD community keeps going and so here are some news and tutorials from last few days.


No releases.


No security announcements.

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FreeBSD 2022 in Review: Continuous Integration and Quality Assurance Update: The year 2022 was a busy and productive one for the FreeBSD Foundation. Continuous Integration (CI) and Quality Assurance (QA) is but one of many successful efforts the Foundation continues to support as a dedicated resource. In this article, you can see interview with Li-Wen Hsu, one of the Foundation’s Software Engineers, to discuss his work on this project over the past year, and the plans he has for it this coming year.

OpenBSD KDE Status Report 2022: A lot has happened since the last OpenBSD KDE Status Report in 2021. As it goes, this new report is split to four areas: the good, the bad, the plasma and libinput.

BSD Now 487: EuroBSDcon Interviews Pt. 2: This year’s end episode of BSDNow features a trip report to EuroBSDcon by Mr., as well as an interview with FreeBSD committer John Baldwin.


Suricata vs. Snort: Similarities and Differences: Snort and Suricata are two of the most popular intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS/IPS) in the world. Both systems use signatures, rules, and protocol analysis to detect malicious traffic on networks. This blog post will talk about the similarities and differences of Snort and Suricata software.

Installing OpenBSD 7.2 on an ODROID-HC4: Let’s see some notes about installing OpenBSD 7.2 on the ODROID-HC4: an arm64 board that provides SATA slots. It is quite straightforward to install, once you get the ordered steps.

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