Issue 134
Published December 28, 2022

Can you feel the end of year coming? Let’s finish up with the latest BSD-news roundup of this year! We shall see OPNsense release, some FreeBSD end of year reviews and more.


OPNsense 22.7.10 released: Another small reliability update with additional RADIUS user creation support included.


No security announcements.

As always, it’s worth following BSDSec. RSS feed and Twitter account available.


AsiaBSDCon CFP extended: The AsiaBSDCon Call for Papers deadline has been extended to December 28th. See the conference web site for details.

FreeBSD 2022 in Review: Software Development : From ZFS support in makefs to experimental 16k page support on arm64 to lldb and wireguard improvements, the Foundation development staff and contractors had another busy year working to improve FreeBSD. From January 1, 2022 until mid-December 2022, 1114 of the 7575 commits to the src repository (about 15%) identify the FreeBSD Foundation as a sponsor. The raw commit data give a broad indication that the Foundation is dedicated to directly improving FreeBSD, however commit data only tell part of the story. Let’s review the Foundation’s role in FreeBSD development over the past year.

BSD Now 486: EuroBSDcon interviews: This special episode features two interviews they did at EuroBSDcon in Vienna this year. They talk with FreeBSD developers about how they got started, their current projects and more.

2022 in Review: Fundraising Update: When discussing goals for the FreeBSD Foundation, one might argue that one of our most important goals revolves around fundraising. Let’s talk about where they are with their fundraising efforts for 2022. 

FreeBSD and ZFS Holiday Reads – 2022 Edition: If you’re getting ready to close the year, here is some FreeBSD content.

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