Issue 123
Published September 21, 2022

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pfSense Software is Moving Ahead: They are moving the version of PHP used by pfSense® software to PHP 8.1. They have also taken a decision to move the base operating system version of FreeBSD used by pfSense software from 12-STABLE to the current development “top of tree” version also known as “main”, or “HEAD”, and, at the time of writing, “14-CURRENT”. In order to minimize potential disruption to the community and customer base, public development snapshots and repository synchronization have been temporarily paused while they work on these major shifts, including internal testing of builds.

OpenBGPD 7.6 released: This release includes the following changes to the previous release: Include OpenBSD 7.1 errata 008: bgpd(8) could fail to invalidate nexthops and incorrectly leave them in the FIB or Adj-RIB-Out. Speedup bgpctl show rib 10/8 or-longer and show rib 10/8 or-shorter Switch various static hash tables to RB trees improving performance on large systems Export per neighbor pending update and withdraw statistics Fix race between a neighbor session reset and its update message backlog Improve handling of nexthop reachability state changes * Further improve portability of the FIB handling code

BSD Now 472: Consistent Exit Code : FreeBSD on the Framework Laptop, Win32 is the only stable ABI on Linux, why OpenBSD’s documentation is so good, configure dma for mail delivery in jails on internet hosts, introducing muxfs, RAID1C boot support, and more.

A Quick Look at the History of Package Management on FreeBSD: Pkgng became FreeBSD’s official package manager in FreeBSD 10 in 2014. Applications can be easily installed from either pkg—a system managing precompiled binary packages—or the ports tree, which automates building and installation of packages directly from their source code.

Allan Jude in conversation with Level1Techs: Tech YouTuber Wendell Wilson from Level1Techs talks to Allan Jude from Klara Systems (and host of BSD Now podcast) about ZFS and the recovery of Linus Media Group’s data.

AsiaBSDCon 2023 announced: AsiaBSDCon will be held in the next March/April as an in-person conference again! The details will be published later at

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