Issue 122
Published September 15, 2022

All the latest news and tutorials from the BSD world.


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OpenBSD-current has moved to 7.2: Theo de Raadt has moved -current to version 7.2. For those unfamiliar with the process: this is not the 7.2 release, but is part of the standard build-up to the release.

Sharing Dual-Licensed Drivers between Linux and FreeBSD: Linux and FreeBSD are both Open Source UNIX-like operating systems. Both have a long development history and are maintained by sizable development teams consisting of professional, volunteer, academic and hobbyist contributors. Both are capable of high performance in demanding production applications. However, one area where they differ is in the license: Linux is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) while FreeBSD uses the permissive Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) license.

FreeBSD Twitter community: New FreeBSD-themed Twitter community.

BSD Now 471: De-Penguinization : Ten Things To Do After Installing FreeBSD, BSD for Linux users, r2k22 Hackathon Report on rpki-client, Configuring OpenIKED, De-Penguin Me, and more.


Desktop-installer: Use your Cleverness for Creativity: How would you like to spend minimal time setting up your workstation or laptop, and most of it doing creative work? This is the design goal of desktop-installer, and FreeBSD helps make it possible. The core purpose of desktop-installer is to help you quickly and easily create the most reliable and secure desktop system available, so you can spend your time on productive work rather than tedious systems management.

Deploying FreeBSD on Oracle Cloud: FreeBSD is the OS of choice for leveraging the most out of your Oracle Cloud deployment. Take advantage of the raw processing power the Ampere Altra has to offer and take the next step in evolving your infrastructure.

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