Issue 117
Published August 03, 2022

Latest news and tutorials from the BSD world.


No releases.


OpenBSD Errata: August 2, 2022 (bgpd): Errata patch for BGP daemon has been released for OpenBSD 7.1. Binary updates for the amd64, i386 and arm64 platform are available via the syspatch utility.

As always, it’s worth following BSDSec. RSS feed and Twitter account available.


Contributing to Open Source Beyond Software Development: In this article, they talk about why open source projects needs non-developer contributions. Let’s learn how these non-developer contributions have transformed the open source ecosystem and tips on how to building welcoming communities in order to attract these contributions.

HardenedBSD July 2022 Status Report: Monthly summary of changes in src, ports and For hbsdfw (the HardenedBSD 13-STABLE fork of OPNsense).

OPNsense 22.7 released: 22.7, nicknamed “Powerful Panther”, features the upgrade to FreeBSD 13.1, PHP 8.0, Phalcon 5, stacked VLAN and Intel QuickAssist (QAT) support, DDoS protection using SYN cookies, MVC/API pages for IPsec status and Unbound overrides, new APCUPSD and CrowdSec plugins plus much more.

CHERI-based computer runs KDE for the first time: And Ruslan Bukin, a researcher at Cambridge’s computer science department and also a FreeBSD contributor, has now ported the Wayland display server and KDE desktop to CheriBSD.

BSD Now 465: Deep Space Debugging: Debugging Lisp in Deep Space, 0 Dependency Websites with OpenBSD & AsciiDoc, Deleting old snapshots on FreeBSD, Full multiprocess support in lldb-server, Basic fix between pf tables and macros, and more.

Advocating for FreeBSD in 2022 and Beyond : Article by Anne Dickison from FreeBSD Foundation discussing the FreeBSD advocacy and work of FreeBSD Foundation.


FreeBSD on Hetzner dedicated servers: The European cloud and dedicated server provider Hetzner has silently dropped support for FreeBSD. A FreeBSD rescue system is not offered anymore so users running dedicated servers with FreeBSD may run into difficulties if anything goes wrong. But luckily it is still possible to install FreeBSD using a mfsBSD image and to manage the installation from the Linux rescue system to some degree if using a root-on-ZFS installation.

Ten Things To Do After Installing FreeBSD: Article from BastilleBSD on the top ten things to configure on a new FreeBSD installation.

Install FreeBSD-13.1 on your dedicated server from within a Linux rescue environment: Hetzner dropped support for FreeBSD installs in July 2022. Therefore, this installer script for mfsBSD image to install FreeBSD 13.1 with zfs-on-root using a statically compiled qemu binary has been created.

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