Issue 115
Published July 06, 2022

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OpenBSD Webzine: ISSUE #10: TL;DR: - pkg_add -u speedup in -current, now you can upgrade at ludicrous speed - IP forwarding is now parallelized - Many new packages landed in -current - Many links to read - Don’t forget to update your 7.1 system with syspatch and packages with pkg_add -u

Announcing the pkgsrc-2022Q2 branch: In total, 268 packages were added, 81 packages were removed, and 2289 package updates (to 1743 unique packages) were processed since the pkgsrc-2021Q4 release.

BSD Now 461: Persistent Memory Allocation: BSD news round in podcast form.

OpenBSD has two new C compilers: chibicc and kefir: Brian Robert Callahan: In my never ending quest to have oksh support every C compiler in existence, I have ported two more C compilers to OpenBSD. They are chibicc and kefir. As always, let’s review them and at the end I’ll have links to unofficial ports so that you can play around with these C compilers.

HardenedBSD June 2022 Status Report: List of the changes and enhancements in src, ports and other of their projects.


Analyze OpenBSD’s Kernel with Domain-Specific Knowledge: In this article you can learn how you can analyze the OpenBSD kernel with domain-specific knowledge of spl(9) locking primitives, to find programming errors.

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