Issue 112
Published June 08, 2022

Latest news and tutorials from the BSD world.


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BSD Now 457: The NetBSD Wheelbarrow: Journey to ZFS RAIDZ1 on NetBSD, FreeBSD networking basics: WiFi and Bluetooth, smuggling code into the playstation via NetBSD driver hole, KDE FreeBSD CI, remembering buildtool, and more.

HardenedBSD May 2022 Status Report: In May 2022, HardenedBSD saw a few changes in src, ports and other projects.


How to Install cgit With Gitolite and Nginx on FreeBSD 13: Recently, I dove into creating a very simple Git server setup, gradually moving away from the big Git providers. First I used Gitea for some time but (unsurprisingly) realized that I like editing text files in the terminal a lot more than clicking around web sites. So I did embark on the mission of setting up a robust but simple Git server solution. Along the way I encountered a couple of not particularly well-documented trip wires, so this document attempts to do that, in a small way.

The True Minimalistic Window Manager Does Not Exist: Window managers; many people use them to increase the efficiency of their workflows or to show how “cool” they are to their colleagues or friends. Window managers are among bachelor’s and even master’s thesis topics these days. Serhan Ekici explains why true minimalistic window manager that follows UNIX philosophy doesn’t exist yet by discussing dwm, bspwm, and how the design of the true minimalistic window manager should be.

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