Issue 109
Published April 27, 2022

OpenBSD 7.1, FreeBSD 13.1 RC plus all the latest news and tutorials from the BSD world.


OpenBSD 7.1 Released: This is a partial list of new features and systems included in OpenBSD 7.1.

FreeBSD 13.1-RC4 Available: The fourth RC build for the FreeBSD 13.1 release cycle is now available. ISO images for the amd64, i386, arm64, powerpc64, powerpc64le, powerpcspe, and riscv architectures are FreeBSD mirror sites.


Syspatch retracted (OpenBSD Errata: April 22, 2022 (wifi)): Syspatch syspatch71-001_wifi has been retracted. A mistake was made in generating the syspatch(8) binary update syspatch71-001_wifi for this errata. This causes problems installing future binary updates and reverting the syspatch. Because of this, the syspatch has been retracted until the issue is resolved. The actual source patch is not affected from this (and can be applied as described in the patch instructions) and the syspatch itself works fine as well. If you already have installed the syspatch71-001_wifi update, you can continue running with it until we publish instructions on how to recover on

OpenBSD Errata: April 22, 2022 (wifi): Errata patch for wireless drivers in the kernel has been released for OpenBSD 7.1. Binary updates for the amd64, i386 and arm64 platform are available via the syspatch utility.

As always, it’s worth following BSDSec. RSS feed and Twitter account available.


Let’s try V on OpenBSD: Brian Robert Callahan: Let’s see if V language still works on OpenBSD.

OpenBSD is the Perfect OS post Nuclear Apocalypse: If you’re lucky enough to survive a nuclear apocalypse, you will inevitably start looking for things to do.

LibreSSL 3.5.2 Released: This is the first stable release for the 3.5.x branch, also available with OpenBSD 7.1.

Tuning ZFS recordsize: Full system backups with FFS snapshots, ZFS and dump(8), tuning recordsize in OpenZFS, Optimizing FreeBSD Power Consumption on Modern Intel Laptops, remember to check for ZFS filesystems being mounted, Use tcpdump to save wireless bridge, and more.

OpenBSD Webzine ISSUE #9: TL;DR - OpenBSD 7.1 released! - No more packages updates for 7.0, syspatch will still be published - No more syspatches for 6.9, it is now end of life and shouldn’t be used any longer - OpenBSD 7.0 to 7.1 upgrade guide is available


Interacting with FreeBSD – Learning the Fundamentals of the FreeBSD Shell: The time of the CLI might seem over given the plethora of UIs these days, however, any experienced sysadmin knows just how necessary a powerful CLI like the FreeBSD shell can be. In FreeBSD 14, the default root shell is changing, and in this article we talk about the background and motivations for this change and what implications and advantages this change brings.

Reduce httpd web server bandwidth usage by serving compressed files: Solène Rapenne: When reaching a website, most web browsers will send a header (some metadata about the requestion) informing the web server that you supported compressed content. In OpenBSD 7.1, the httpd web server received a new feature allowing it to serves a pre-compressed file of a requested file if the web browser supports compression.

OpenBSD 7.1: fan noise and high temperature solution: Solène Rapenne: OpenBSD 7.1 has been released with a change that will set the CPU to max speed when plugged to the wall. This brings better performance and entirely let the CPU and mainboard do the frequency throttling.

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